Mould design and construction

Injection moulded parts are only as good as the tools from which they have been produced. This applies for small batch production as well as large batch production.

That is why we especially focus on our tool making. Our qualified and motivated colleagues guarantee to produce high standard tools to competitive conditions. They support our customers from the start, with the design of the tool according to the delivered drawing until the prodcution of the first batches.

Development, durability and precision of the mould are an important factor for future productivity.

Mould design as an external service

Our tool making department develops tools primarily for our own production. In case your tool making department is overstrained and you are looking for a partner who is able to design high-quality moulds, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will find a solution. Find an overview of our machinery pool here.

Graphite Electrodes Manufacturing

With our new high performance milling machine we are able to produce high precision graphite electrodes for eroding machines in a short amount of time.

We offer this service as an external service.

Find more details about our manufacturing and the advantages of graphite electrodes here.

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Acquisition of a new 3D printer

WPK Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG can now support its customers even faster and more effectively in product development and produce prototypes and models based on customer data in the least possible time.

Read more … Acquisition of a new 3D printer

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